The H. Y. Loh Award

Hung-Yu Loh

The H. Y. Loh Award, a cash prize awarded upon graduation, became the very first award or scholarship dedicated to our physics majors. As a token of the high esteem in which Professor Loh was regarded by his colleagues, Professor Ray F. Tipsword approached colleagues to create the endowed award, which was first given in 1977.

Professor Hung-Yu Loh first came to Virginia Tech from Shanghai, China in 1941 as a graduate student. He received his master's degree from Tech in 1943, and then went on to Johns Hopkins University where he received his Ph.D. in 1946. He was hired in 1948 to become the first Chinese faculty member at Virginia Tech. His research was in the field of experimental thin film optics,

Prof. Loh was a wonderful teacher and, in 1959, he became the first physics faculty to be awarded the William E. Wine Award for Excellence in Teaching, which had just been established in 1957. It was then, and still is now, the most prestigious teaching award at Virginia Tech, the honor of which is reserved to only three faculty members per year.

The H. Y. Loh Award is made each spring to the graduating physics major who best exemplifies Dr. Loh's very high academic and personal standards. It is considered the most prestigious award for undergraduates in the physics department.

Established in 1976, the H. Y. Loh Award is given annually to one or more graduating seniors in physics who exemplify excellence in scholarship.

Past award recipients:

2016    Michael Brennan, Donovan Buterakos, Jennie Paine
2015    Mark Brown, Adam Mills, Kyle Stewart
2014    David “Matt” Kriete Jr., James Mayberry, Marc Pomeroy, Keith Tauscher
2013    Andrew Lassiter
2012    Sara Case, William Love
2011    Siddharth Venkat
2010    Brian Roper, Justin Waugh
2009    Kevin Finelli
2008    Jonathan Hughes, Brendon Loiselle
2007    Linh Pham, Brian Skinner
2006    David Erickson, Mark Washenberger
2005    Travis Merritt
2004    Justin Krometis
2003    Beth Ann Reid, Jerome Mettetal II
2002    Anubav Vasudevan
2001    Joshua T. King
2000    Seth Hornstein
1999    Jean Hager
1998    Leah B. Shaw
1997    Keith Daniel Humfeld
1996    Carter R. Hall
1995    Matthew J. Novak
1994    Amanda M. Abeel, Erin F. Fleet
1993    Daniel S. Fisher
1992    Zoran Tajanovic
1991    Francis M. Creighton
1990    Anthony W. Ackley, Daniel C. Kilper, Normand A. Modine
1989    Anthony H. Minter
1988    Gregory D. McFall, Francis J. Summers
1987    Debora L. Green, Brett W. Johnson
1986    Richard R. Harman
1985    Robert C. Blasdell
1984    Anthony O. Rugari, Steven L. Rugari, Steven C. Weiss, Tmitri J. Zukowski
1983    Brian C. Redman
1982    David L. Hartman, Samuel J. Weinstein
1980    Stephen E. Fischer, James L. McDonald
1979    Richard I. Purman
1978    Mark S. Gorbics, Jan M. Guida, Joan A. Guida, Domingo Rocha, Jr.
1977    John Ford
1976    Dennis K. Evans
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