Lubna Razia Ijaz Scholarship

Following her receipt of a prize for her work in physics, Dr. Lubna Razia Ijaz donated the prize toward the establishment of a scholarship. She and her late husband, Professor Mujaddid Ahmed Ijaz of the Virginia Tech Physics Department, were associated with the university for a number of years and were well known in southwest Virginia. The Lubna Razia Ijaz Scholarship was first awarded in 1996 and goes to a student who has shown great commitment to the science of physics and has rendered significant service to the department and the cause of physics education.

The Lubna R. Ijaz Scholarship is awarded annually to a physics major who has devoted time and special effort for service that benefits the physics community.

Past award recipients:

2016 Shadi Esmaeili
2015 Brandon Bear
2014 Brandon Bear
2013 Ben Intoy
2012 Brandon Bear
2011 Matthew Raum
2010 Christopher Martin
2008 Ashley Tabb
2006 David Erickson, Mark Washenberger
2004 Brian Donovan
2002 Alma Robinson
2000 Adam R. Drake
1999 Adam R. Drake
1998 Richard M. Fortgang, Victor M. Gehman, Aaron R. Herrnstein, Charles D. King, Jr., Patrick J. Neyman, Mark S. Wallace
1997 Jennifer L. Lundy, Nathan M. Urban
1996 Danielle K. Benedetta, Colin C. Hill
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