Computing Facilities

Astronomical Observatories

Director: Prof. John Simonetti

Our observatories are used for public outreach as well as for research and education. Please follow the above links, or see the Outreach & Engagement page for further information.

Simonetti at Martin Observatory

Prof. John Simonetti with the 14-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope at the Martin Observatory.
Photo by John McCormick, January 31, 2009 ©Virginia Tech.

Kimballton Underground Research Facility (KURF)

Director: Prof. Bruce Vogelaar

KURF is a laboratory set up deep underground inside a working limestone mine operated by the Chemical Lime Company. At a depth of roughly 1700 feet (500 meters) from the surface, or approximately 1400 meters of water equivalent, it is used for experiments which require low radiation background from cosmic rays. The list of planned experiments include LENS and Majorana. Please follow the above link to the KURF website for details.

Vogelaar at KURF entrance

Prof. Bruce Vogelarr (left) with Prof. Robert Bodnar (Geosciences, center) and mine manager Mr. Ray Roeder (right) at the entrance to the Kimballton Limestone Mine which houses KURF. Date: September 26, 2005.

VTCRI Human Neuroimaging Laboratory

Director: Prof. Read Montague

Prof. Read Montague uses neuroimaging, game theory, and computational modeling to investigate human decision-making in health and disease. Please follow the above link to the VTCRI Human Neuroimaging Laboratory website for details.

Montague at VTCRI-HNL

Prof. Read Montague in front of the MRI machine at the VTCRI Human Neuroimaging Laboratory.
Photo by Jim Stroup, January 7, 2011 ©Virginia Tech.


Locations of our astronomical observatories and KURF relative to the VT campus are shown below. Click here for larger map. Map created with Google Maps. The VTCRI Human Neuroimaging Laboratory is located at the VT Carilion Medical School & Research Institute in Roanoke.


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