To: Students Seeking Transfer Credit for Intro Physics, through the Completion of Physics Modules
From: John Simonetti, Associate Chair, Department of Physics, Virginia Tech
Date: September 2, 2013

Please read this page carefully. It details a new procedure for completing your Module(s), and you have some options you can choose from. At the bottom of this message is a link to the current Physics Modules Self-Study webpage.

After the Spring 2014 semester, the Physics Department will no longer offer the online self-learning modules. Instead, three new one-credit courses will allow students to study any of the three modules, and get transfer credit for PHYS 2305 and/or PHYS 2306. These courses will be offered during a Winter Session between the Fall and Spring semesters; these courses was just approved very recently for offering during this coming Winter Session (2014). The courses will be 1 credit each (i.e., you sign up for 1-credit for each module you need to take); some labs will also be provided with the classes. Some of the work will be online. Some of the work will be on campus in a classroom, in January. There will be an instructor to help you learn the material, and more than one graded assignment. The grades from all the assignments will determine if you pass or fail a course/module (not just one test, as in the current system). The courses will be P/F only.

Therefore as an entering student in Fall 2013, you have three routes to completing your Module(s).

1) Use the current self-learning module system, submit your HW problems, and take the proctored final exam for the Module(s). If you complete the Module and take and pass the exam by the deadline provided to you by your advisor, you will be done and you will get your transfer credits. That deadline is as late at the end of the Spring 2014 semester, but *your* specific deadline was communicated to you by your advisor.

2) Use the current self-learning system, submitting HW problems, and taking the proctored final exam for the Module(s) by the end of the Fall 2013 semester (the last exam date for the Modules is Friday, December 6, 2013). If you pass the exam(s), you are done! If you fail, you can sign up for the Winter Session course and complete the materials that way, and you will get your transfer credits.

3) Stop working on the Scholar online self-study materials, and sign up for one ore more of the Winter Session courses/modules (whichever ones you need), when that signup becomes available during the Fall 2013 semester. Then, when you complete the courses, you will get your transfer credits.

The Winter Session courses will be offered by the Physics Department, but like all courses a minimal number of students must sign up, or the course will be withdrawn.

Engineering student should contact Vicki Langford in 212 Hancock Hall,, with questions.

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