A. L. (Jimmy) Ritter
Associate Professor of Physics
Condensed Matter/Optics
Ph.D.: Pennsylvania, 1972.
 108B Robeson Hall
(fax: 540-231-7511)

Course Information
  • 4315 Modern Physics Lab
Applied & Industrial Master's Degree Program

Research Interests

  • Application of layer-by-layer self assembly to optical coatings
  • Nanolithography
  • Triboemission

Recent Publications

  • "The influence of void space on antireflection coatings of silica nanoparticle self-assembled films", S.E. Yancey, W. Zhong, J.R. Heflin, and A.L. Ritter, submitted to the Journal of Applied Physics.
  • "The abrasive wear of alumina: correlation with electron triboemission", Dan A. Mazilu and A.L. Ritter, Wear 258, 1384-1403 (2005).
  • "Statistical characteristics of vacuum triboemission from abrasion of alumina", D.A. Mazilu and A.L. Ritter, Tribology: Science and Application, Proceedings of the Review Conference between Austria, Poland and their world-wide partners, especially from middle-european countries, April 23-27, 2003, Vienna. pp. 232-250.
  • "Frequency analysis and modeling of charged-particle triboemission from ceramics", Gustavo J. Molina, Michael J. Furey, A.L. Ritter, and Czeslaw Kajdas, Wear 255, pp. 686-694 (2003).
Provisional Patent Applications
  • A Process for Micro- and Nanoscale Lithography
  • Antireflection Coating by Self-Assembly of Nanoparticles