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 2021 Physics Awards Ceremony

Information for student awardees: If you are a 2021 student award recipient, you should have already been contacted by our undergraduate or graduate advisor about your participation in this event.

Information for friends and family members of the student awardees: There are two options for viewing this event live.  We recommend showing up a few minutes early (~ 6:25 PM EDT on Thursday April 22) to make sure you are connected properly by the official start time of 6:30 PM EDT.

  • Zoom Webinar: You can join the Zoom Webinar as an attendee.  That will allow you to watch and listen to the event, but you won’t be able to talk or share video.  However, you can use the “chat” feature to chat with other participants (both the other family and friends and the student awardees and faculty).  The webinar option also gives you the possibility to call in to a phone number if you don’t have an electronic device available.  Registration information for this option can be obtained from your student awardee.
  •  Live stream on YouTube:  You can also watch it via a livestream on YouTube.  This option won’t allow you to chat with those in the Zoom Webinar, but you can chat with others watching on YouTube if you have a YouTube account.  You aren’t required to have an account or any registration for the YouTube option.  Simply go to the link below with any electronic device. Please note that there is about a 30 second delay between the Zoom webinar and the YouTube livestream.  So if you are watching the YouTube livestream nearby somebody who is participating via the Zoom webinar, that is an important point to be aware of.

Watch the Recorded Event  on YouTube  

2021 Physics Award Ceremony Brochure