The Physics Department owns and operates several computer clusters. All were constructed and are maintained by our systems administrator Roger Link.  

Virginia Tech also maintains several centralized computing resources that are free for use by faculty and students. 



The Thunderbird cluster (tbird) at the Andrews Information Systems Building (AISB, 1700 Pratt Drive) in the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center. Thunderbird is used in a variety of physics research projects.


Located in Robeson Hall, the Tempest cluster consists of 25 Dell SC1425 dual hyper-threaded Intel Xeons, each with 1G RAM, yielding 100 cores. Tempest is primarily for student computing research.


Cluster-at-nite and Condor utilize the computers in faculty offices and student labs during low usage hours for heavy computing. At night we have over 200 Linux compute cores available.

Virginia Tech Centralized Computing Facilities

Large computing clusters and supercomputers are available free for faculty and students at the Advanced Research Computing center at Virginia Tech.  

Click here for the Advanced Research Computing@VT site.