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Emergency / Fire / Chemical spill / Dial 911

Our Commitment to Your Safety

The members of the Physics Department are committed that students, staff, faculty members, and other workers carry out their jobs in the safest possible environment, and that all individuals have the safety equipment, training, and information they need.


Emergency Procedures

Emergency (fire / chemical spill / flood): DIAL 911. If calling with a cell phone, immediately tell the dispatcher that you are on the VT campus. Additional contacts are provided below. Useful web links are provided in the right side-bar.

  •  VT Police Dispatcher (non-emergency number): 231-6411*
  • Poison: 1-800-451-1428 (Blue Ridge Poison Center)
  •  Non-Emergency Medical Care: Schiffert Health Center
  •  VT Environmental Health and Safety: 231-7611; 231-3600
  •  Physics Deptartment Office,  Robeson Hall (540) 231-6544

*Procedure for Building System Failure: When a building system fails and needs immediate attention and the Department Main Office is not open, call the University Police Dispatcher at 231-6411. Tell the dispatcher the nature and location of the problem. They will contact the "on-call" university maintenance person. 


Safety Committee Chair  and Radiation Safety Manager

Camillo Mariani