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Physics Graduate Program

Graduate Physics

The Department of Physics began in 1872, the same year that Virginia Tech first opened its doors. By 1929, a Master's degree program had been established, and in the 1950s, a doctoral program was added to the Physics curriculum. Today, our graduate students receive a well-rounded education that encourages critical thought on current physics topics, preparing them for rewarding careers in academia, government, and industry.


Upcoming Ph.D. Defenses


March 23, 2022-Yifei Wang (Advised by: Prof. V. Nguyen)

March 24, 2022- Zach Stottler (Advised by: Prof. L. Piilonen)

April 25, 2022- David Smith  (Advised by: Prof. S. Emori)

April 28, 2022- Youngmin Lim (Advised by Prof. S. Emori)

May 2, 2022- Jason Czak (Advised by: Prof. M. Pleimling)

May 2, 2022- James Stidham (Advised by: Prof. M. Pleimling