Outreach At Fun With Physics 2008

The Outreach program of the Virginia Tech Physics Department helps fulfill the mission of the university's extension service. Graduate or undergraduate students who have an enthusiasm for helping students learn about the fundamental aspects of physics go out on trips to surrounding elementary, middle and high schools or host students in Robeson Hall to conduct activities and demonstrations.

Want us to present demonstrations at your school or public event?

To have the VT Physics Outreach team come to your school or organization, contact Henry Hilgendorf (HHilgendorf@vt.edu). More information can be found on the  Outreach Trip Schedule and Planner page.

To learn more about us and how a visit works and sort of demos we present, go to Projects and Demos.

Enriched Outreach

If you want us to help cover a specific topic in more detail, the  you can have the Enriched Outreach team create a lesson plan around most physics topics.

For more information visit the Enriched Outreach page

Astronomy Outreach

Dr. John Simonetti does outreach for all things astronomy related. If you want to learn about astronomy or telescopes there is a wealth of information on the Astronomy Outreach pages.

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