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Virginia Tech is located in Blacksburg, a town of approximately 42,620, in southwest Virginia, about an hour southwest of Roanoke. Blacksburg was established in 1798 by William Black on the thirty-eight and three-quarter acre tract that he laid out. The town consisted of a small grid of streets and lots—16 blocks in all. The original town was limited to the area bounded by present-day Draper Road, Jackson Street, Wharton Street, and Clay Street. The town and Virginia Tech is well-known for its safety and tight-knit community. In 2011, BusinessWeek named Blacksburg the “Best Place in the U.S. to Raise Kids” and Southern Living named the town the “Best College Town in the South”.

Blacksburg situated on top of the Eastern Continental Divide and is the largest town in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Nestled between the scenic Blue Ridge and Allegheny mountains, spectacular mountain views can be seen in the town and surrounding area. The area is excellent for outdoor activities such as boating, water skiing, golf, tennis, fishing and swimming in the New River and nearby lakes, hiking on the Appalachian Trail, caving and rock climbing. Blacksburg is a cultural hub featuring a lively performing arts community both at the University and within the community.  Live music frequents the many types of locally-owned restaurants and several town events and parades occur throughout the year.

McAfee Knob
Cascade Falls
Rapids on the New River
Summer Solstice Festival
Market Square Jam
Downtown Blacksburg


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