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Housing Information

The program will arrange your housing accommodations. This is helpful for the participants in many ways: no apartment hunting, no shared apartments, no rent, and a strong sense of camaraderie with roommates who are participants in the program and have similar academic backgrounds.

Accomodations include: 

Bedroom: Twin bed (no headboard), chest, nightstand, student desk, and chair. Central air conditioning and private bathroom are among the ammenities included.  Linens and towels are no longer provided, so plan to bring your own bedding or purchase upon arrival. 

Living room: Residence hall has multiple living and study areas.

Dining Room/Kitchen: Residence hall is equipped with kitchen and dining area. Some utensils are included. 

Laundry: On-site laundry in residence hall.

We will send a packing essentials list to all participants in early May.